Known for her refined eclectic style, Shea Swinford has spent more than 15 years devoted to creating images with exceptional quality that capture the essence of each individual. Whether it be through her Signature Black and White Fine Art photography or her Organic, Edgy Color images, Shea Photography is known for its genuine style of photography that breathes life into your portraits.
As a mother of 4, her talents as a photographer have been fueled by her strong desire to capture the fleeting moments of life in her images.
“Images that capture a feeling, not just a face. Images that capture who they are, not just how they look.”
Specializing in relationship images, Shea is driven to create authentic portraits that speak a family’s language. Come as you are, Shea desires to capture your natural beauty inside and out ­­because the best things in life really aren’t things….but moments and memories captured in time. Shea’s images are known for taking you ‘right back’ to a memory or a feeling despite the time that has passed, creating meaningful art for your home for years to come.
A self proclaimed, “Gypsy Junkie”, Shea finds inspiration in the spirit of the subjects photographed while infusing her style with interesting and curious medium that enhance each image. Whether it’s the timeless/authentic images or a chic/stylized presentation you are after, it is Shea Photography’s philosophy that together we can create and capture the portraits that you will covet for years to come.

Photos by Meigan Canfield